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You will be pleased with the company of a girl or a young woman who knows how to entertain. The troubles today will be short-lived, insignificant or their development will not depend on you. If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius , Saturday will be the day you will receive more letters or messages. Today you may feel healthy, unstable, or receive news about the health problem of a person you know.

November 17 Zodiac

Overall, the events on Saturday will develop according to your preliminary plans and expectations. If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces , on Saturday you will probably prefer to stay at home, concentrate on some troubles or complicated situations that you have experienced during the week so far. Today you may have a monetary relationship with a representative of the zodiac sign Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Generally, this day will be favorable for discussing or resolving different financial affairs. Enjoy the day.

November 17 Zodiac is Scorpio - Full Horoscope Personality

Nothing will have to touch you, nothing will have to scratch you. Mind and body must always be in harmony. The mishaps are made for this.

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Whether people can understand or not, you need time for yourself. Be more attentive to people. Today you will want to dedicate yourselves to yourself, but you have done it recently, so if someone needs you, do not turn away. Give up a moment of leisure to dedicate it to the affections. Certainly, you will not have to work for someone you do not even know and who asks you for a favor, you just have to concentrate on those who are part of your daily life and who, perhaps, need a helping hand.

You can very well look for alternatives on this day. No way is ever truly one-way. You can, in fact, go back, being careful not to invest anyone, during the reverse gear. It is human to think again, it is human to realize that we are not able or can not do in time. The important thing is not to think about it because you do not want fatigue, sweat or responsibility.

Your daily horoscope: November 17 - The Globe and Mail

Maybe that's the real problem — maybe it's you who is expecting too much. Think about it. LEO July 24 - Aug. You could try to double bluff them and say the opposite of what you mean, but is it worth the effort? No it isn't.

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Keep smiling and keep believing that things will get better, and chances are they will very soon, for you at least. Ignore what they say and ignore what they do and keep faith with the path that you have chosen to take.

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Rise above petty things, and petty people. According to the planets there is not much point trying to start anything new at the moment — but you can, and you should, finish what you have already begun. In a matter of days the Sun will move in your favor and a new phase will begin. The past will soon be ancient history. Even if a loved one demands to know what you think about their plans you would be wise to lie, a little.

But you know there is one more thing you need to do to enhance your reputation. Do it now.

Daily Horoscope: November 16th to November 17th

Yes, rules can be tedious, but they are there for a reason. Eric Akis: Easy-peasy chop suey.

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