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Because they are the most inventive sign of the zodiac, they can invent something and sell it for millions and then spend through the money as quickly as it came. Aquarian's are natural entrepreneur's and are usually self-employed more than any other sign.

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They can always find their way to money. When self-employed, Aquarian's have a tendency to barter their business instead of taking in the cash. If they get a handle on this tendency and they will actually have money in their pocket. Aquarian's usually live simply and are rarely concerned with shopping.

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When they do spend their money, it's nothing but the best quality available. It can help you get to the place that you desire with the greatest of ease. BUT, you have to use the information rather than file it away. I have also written into your Natal Chart Text information that directs you on how to utilize this energy. Whatever sun sign and house your North Node is in, then use the "heck" out of that energy.

Interestingly enough, both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication. Virgo rules the 6th house of health, doctors and hygiene. Gemini rules the 3rd house of communication and is known as the master communicator, writer, author, lecturer, teacher and also rules radio broadcasting. Virgo rules the colon and I also did colonics in my former women's clinic. Oh - you bet I use my North Node!

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Virgo is also very detailed, methodical, nit-picky, perfectionistic and just downright critical with a keen sharp eye. Now take a peek at this website.

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I can't stand typo's and I Love details!!! You can see how I've used my North Node Virgo coupled with my sun sign Gemini to become a doctor who writes, communicates, teaches and lectures. I've even been a radio talk show host. I use that North Node!!!

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This is why simply matching up Sun Signs is just not enough. In other words, just because someone's Sun Sign squares or opposes your sign does not necessarily make you incompatible because the meat of the relationship comes down to the overall picture of the chart. For instance, someone could be a certain Sun Sign in a late degree and be very close to be another Sun Sign on the cusp and then have 5 planets in another Sun Sign making them more of that Sun Sign than their own Sun. Blaming and shaming an entire Sun Sign because of your 'ex' just isn't fair and quite frankly it is immature and lacks self-study.

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Taurus daily horoscope - 9 October

Wear blue for good luck. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi!

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