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The reason that there are 13 signs is that the Celtic astrology is based on the lunar calendar. There are 13 full moons each year.

The signs of a druid horoscope are types of trees. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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The person born under each tree takes on the characteristics of that tree that have been associated with it. Also each tree is associated with the Ogham which is an ancient Celtic alphabet still used by the wise and few.

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This will be translated into your lucky letter in terms of the more common English Alphabet. The universe was seen as a tree, to the ancient Celts and for this reason, the 13 Druid horoscopes are each given a tree to be associated with. Your personality is linked to the properties of each given tree. Find out which tree is your Celtic sign with this Celtic sign finder. What Color Matches Your Personality? Since there are so few written records of the Celts and their connection to astrology, there are many interpretations of how tree signs may have been used and what importance they may have played in Celtic culture.

The following websites offer additional information and interpretations to consider:. Many books have also been published on the subject of Celtic culture, history, and astrology, including:. Celtic culture's association with trees is naturally elegant and demonstrates the interconnection of all life. Understanding one's tree sign can help bring peace and guidance to daily living even millennia after the Celts first understood the importance of honoring nature in all her glory. Oak Leaves. A good match for this shapeshifter can be the Ash or Rowan sign. How to Make a Wildlife Garden.

Druid Horoscope

They are generous, helpful, and gentle. Suitable partners for this crusader of the Celtic tree zodiac are Ash and Reed, but can reach harmony with Ivy signs too. The noble one among the Celtic tree astrology signs is the Holly. Those born under this sign are natural leaders and easily acquire power and higher status.

They can effortlessly tackle the hardest tasks and often possess rare skills and tact.

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The Holly is always set to reach its goal and can be too competitive and ambitious at times. This tree sign brims with confidence, kindness and passion. Ash and Elder signs can form a good partnership with the noble Holly sign. When a person is born under the energy of the Hazel, he or she becomes highly intelligent, organized and excels in the classroom. Just like the Holly, this Celtic tree sign is naturally gifted when it comes to knowledge. They possess the ability to recite and recall information, which makes them appear as know-it-all to others.

This clever sign from the Celtic tree horoscope pairs well with the Hawthorn and Rowan signs. The Vine is another shapeshifter of the Celtic astrology. This is due to the fact that people born under this sign are born within the autumnal equinox. This makes them unpredictable, contradictive, and often indecisive. They can see the good and bad in each story, which makes it hard for them to pick a side.


However, they are always sure when it comes to their taste in food, wine, music and art — they have a soft spot for guilty pleasures. Vines have a thing for luxury and refinement. Willow and Hazel can suit their classic style. The Ivy Celtic tree sign is blessed with the ability to overcome all odds and can survive in any situation. People born under the energy of the Ivy are loyal, compassionate and have a sharp intellect.

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Life may be unfair to them at times, but they endure the troubles with soulful grace. They can be drawn to the spiritual world and their faith is deeply rooted. Ivy signs are charming, soft-spoken and have a good compatibility with the Oak and Ash signs. The one that keeps secrets between the tree signs of the Celtic horoscope is the Reed. This sign can dig deep to find the real meaning of things and discover the truth. People born under this Celtic tree sign love a good story, gossip and scandals. This makes them perfect historians, journalists, detectives, and archaeologists.

They have the ability to find the core of things and strip every layer of the story.